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the position permanently. >> san francisco waiting for the results of an investigation into police misconduct. stemming from these surveillance videos from 2011 in which officers entered hotel rooms without warrants, sometimes, stealing items. as a result prosecutors had to drop hundreds of cases. >> if we have officers who are violating the law and constitutional rights weerk at risk n a free society have you to have the police officers falling -- following the law. >> last summer, he issued a training memo to officer autos the head of the university of california system is stepping down. he did not elaborate on when what those are. the board is expected to create a committee to search for the replacement. the 68-year-old says he plans to return to uc berkeley to teach law. >> more students applying for add min mission to university of california. nearly 175,000 students applied for admission to the system for fall, 2013 an increase of 8.6%. and la teen yoz are the largest group applying for freshman admission, making up more than 30% of applicants. >> sign them up, early. a new bill would a
is closed. live in san jose, hillin -- lillian kim. >> a san francisco woman is badly burned, her family says by her boyfriend. he attack happened a few hours ago at hollister street. reporter: police have basically been handling two crime scenes. witnesses tell us a man set a woman on fire down the street here on hollister, a half a block. she then started running towards her home. that is a half block down the street over there, where all the police cars are right now. that's where emergency crews picked her up and rushed her to the hospital. >> a smoldering sweater in the middle of the street. that's what 25-year-old star lamarr was wearing when her family sis her boyfriend, dexter oliver, doused he with gasoline and then lit her on fire. >> most of already face is burnt and a little here, but most of the face i burnt. >> her sister says this started with an argument over clothes they war washing at the local laundromat. >> my sister went to leave her clothe test laundromat. he don't want to leave them there. she says she does it all the time. but he got mad and threw the clothes down
was tired but okay. >> today the search continues for one two of san francisco men who drowned in hawaii on friday. the 47-year-old was swept into the water off a rocky shore friday this, is from basebook. -- facebook. baker was with four friends. the body recovered saturday morning. thursday, he post aid photo of san francisco on his facebook page as he left for vacation wrote bye, bye, beautiful sf, see new a week. sadly nompblgts the search is happening on the north shore of kuaui. the group was exploring along the shore line. >> police looking for help identifying an armed robber who took a shoot employees in a cell phone and check cashing store. surveillance video shows when this man entered the store, pointing a gun and demanding money. employees jumped and the robber did fire a shot. no one was injured. he ran out empty-handed. >> police located a man they believe exposed himself to women twice in a week. >> that is right this, picture is from the first incident eight daysing ayochl the man ininsifd a red toyota. saturday a woman reported a man gave a license number. officers loca
: fans in san francisco erupted when the niners finally put away the falcons. >> the newsroom erupted as well. last year fans went home disappointed. not today. john alston is live in north beach where the celebrations continue. reporter: a walk through north expweech you'll hear a combination of cheers orgrowns, depending on how the game was progressing. people are still milling about here on the sidewalk, self operating -- celebrating the victory. >> the exact moment of victory at the boardroom niners bar in north beach. it was white-knuckle time but worth the wait. >> go niners. it's about time. i remember the 80s growing up. didn't prert it. now it's time. go 49ers. woo. >> not every fan packed into a local bar. they also packed into houses and apartments, to cheer on the niners. >> they spilled from the living room to the dining room at this place. what they didn't do is spill the toast to their niners. >> the niners, and then a world series resell briggs party for the d recelebration party for the niners. >> i feel white atlanta had an average, the niners will come back after ha
to abc 7 and click on see it on tv. >> san francisco fire chief is joining force was mayor ed lee and police chief to help prevent problems after the super bowl on sunday. they teamed up here to make an announce oomt let's respect the city of san francisco. no place for bad behavior autos fans are world class, let's show the world how great we are. >> this goal is to prevent a repeat of the violence. >> 49er fever not confined just to san francisco. residents are thrilled about the fact the team is going to be in their own backyard. the new home is changing the landscape in several way autos it is. businesses in z.sfans know and are excite that had in just a year, the team, and that stadium, will be all theirs. this is less than half a mile from new stadium. because of the team coming to jant clara, the general manager has made some changes. >> there is more tvs and make it a sports bar, new happy hour menus. >> it has four flat screen tvs to a sports bar with 11"n= and attract then tens of thousands of people and heen long time flanz skront to travel as far. >> it take meez a
. >> san francisco officials are backing away from any suggestion the city wants to prevent the sale of hard alcohol on super bowl sunday. he says he plans to visit advices around the city next week and suggest they limit alcohol sales. >> they serve something that heavy alcohol during the time of celebration. sometimes that doesn't help with people who want to go around the bounds of celebration. >> he says there won't be any restrictions on hard alcohol. it was 31 years ago yesterday when a riot broke out following niners first super bowl victory. revelers burned cars and kajd businesses and there was a stabbing in city hall. >> abc 7 news has a team head together super bowl. former 49er mike shumann will be there. reporting alongside him will be larry beil and abc 7 news wayne freedman. tweegt updates on abc 7 news bay area, watch for our live reports beginning monday morning. tonight the alameda county sheriff's department is investigating an officer-involved shooting in dublin. a man call forward help just before 9:30 saying his son was acting strangely. investigators say the su
not revealed the name of the man killed. >> a state lawmaker from san francisco unvauled a bail aimed at reducing gun violence. leelandy wants to wol bolster the ban calling for the ban of the use of bullet bult onas louing shooters to change magazines quickly on military style rifle autos any weapon where have you these kinds of mick nixes to move out a magazine fut putt another one in, those weapons are going to be banned. >> right. >> the bill would bant use that contain more than 10 bullets we've asked national rifle association to comment but the pro gun group has not yet responded to us. >> marin county hosting a program tomorrow that will accept violent video games as well. drop off locations are the stations in lark spur and san rafael. the substation as well as st. andrew's church in marin city. this takes place from 11 a.m. until 8:00 p.m. they plan to pay for a gun and up to $10 for video games. if you live in san francisco, and sonoma counties you can participate in marin. >> a huge redwood tree came crashing down today, taking pou skbrer phone lines down witness. a woman
advisory is right here in san francisco. this is shaded in the light purple. that's where temperatures will be in the low to mid-30s. elsewhere the freeze warnings are posted. get ready for another hard freeze. temperatures in the mid-20s. remember your pets, your pipes, and cover your plants. how much long if with -- longer with the cold weather? we'll have the forecast ahead. >> the cold business means more business for those in the heating repair industry. here's more. reporter: we're here in san mateo, supposed to get about 31 degrees, and it's a good time for people to get bummed up -- bundled up and make sure their heretos working properly scroorks the igniter is not functioning all the time. >> he runs the repair and says the kole snap has him busy. >> we're seeping six -- seeing six to 12 a day. six we can help out but 12 is impossible. >> he answered a call from a woman who has been desperate to get heat in the house for a while. >> oh, gosh, several weeks. we just tried to ignore it. and put in a little portable heater, but it can't work in conditions like that. i don't know
and will be charged with possession of a firearm. i'm live in san francisco, abc 7 news. >> and the house failed to pass a fiscal of cliff and tonight a bill is in limbo. we have word that house republicans want to amendment the bipartisan agreement. >> house republicans dovéyfu like the senate deal because they say it doesn't address federal spending. it protects 98% of americans from higher tax rates. the senate passed a deal at 2:00 in the morning. extends the cuts for every american making under $400,000 per year, preventing a tax hike on estates valued at less than $5 million providing unemployment for two million americans. this morning, nancy pelosi called on speaker boehnergógm fr a vote. >> our speaker said when the senate acts we'll have a vote in the house that. is what we expect. that is what the american people deserve. >> husband republicans say be add and house republicans are talking tonight about adding spending cuts to the senate version. which would toss the bill back to the senate. >> when faced with a mountain of debt that we're heading for like an airplane did we climb ov
. the president is being updated. >> dozens remain unaccounted for. >> back here in san francisco nudity activists fighting against the city's ban on being naked in public. that ban takes affect next month unless activists can stop it. we're live with the bare facts of the legal fight. >> the hearing lasted about an hour, the judge took this case under submission saying he knows what the ban scheduled to take affect february 1, he needs to decide this is becoming a familiar sight. nudists holing a protest. they took on the city. asking a judge for a preliminary injunction. this is to stop the been on what they call body freedom. to me nudity is a birth rate. we're born this way. >> last month, the board of supervisors prohibiting display of again talls and backsides in public spaisz including veets and sidewalks. this is after complaints from businesses of too many naked guys letting it hang out in the castro neighborhood. the nudists' attorney says her clients constitutional rights are being violated because they believe baring it all is a matter of freedom of speech. >> my client has been, this
francisco home and calls him a good kid with a bit of a temper. san francisco investigators say it goes way beyond that. according to police, last sunday oliver argued with his girlfriend at a neighborhood laundromat. then left, came back with gasoline and set her on fire. 25-year-old star lamar, a mother of three was burned beyond recognition. she remains in intensive care. >> he did tell me grandmother, i didn't do that. he told me that. >> but authorities say he did and that it's not the 22-year-old man's first case of domestic violence. the prosecutor cited three other incidents on two women dating back to 2008. the judge called the allegation very serious and agreed to a ten million dollar bail. the victim's family attended the hearing but left without comment. yesterday, lamar's mother told me she had hoped to confront her daughter's former boyfriend. >> i want to say why he put me through this but put her through this but her kids through this. >> the family attended a vigil last night. george gascon says the cycle of abuse must end. >> i and many people in the office as well as many
heard today in san francisco. and explaining what the plan tb7uight. with moon that is the regents hope to make college more accessible bringing in more revenue. the president of the"(tzr uc sym says we're at a turningmÑ point. california no longer has means to support the uc system the wait has for decades. instead, he said it's time to embrace other ways of safing and making money, enter online course autos so there is no luxury of sitting in the present trajectory unless you don't mind paying ever increasing tuition. >> the uc system offers 200 courses to under graduate and graduate students and attempted to reach out to nonuc students charging between $1400 and $2400 per class but it had little success. >> there have been failure as long the way. there are failures at columbia, illinois, other institutions. >> but promised within the next two months, the system will present a new program to develop moron line courses. >> i think those possibilities that give us the pose yifblt cross subsidizing our traditional bricks and mortar campus deliver rif uc quality. >> the regents heard fr
in high crime areas supplementing officers on the job there. >> san francisco police close twror finding a man who kill aid dog. they named this man as a suspect. police say he stole money from a woman, when the dog started wark barking from ini had of the car, police say he snatched the dog and tlau it into traffic. the dog died at the vet. a cat is going home after surviving an arrow through the che. tonight the owner wants who can did it held responsible. laura anthony is wlif a story only on abc 7 news. laura? >> this cat just left the hospital with his family. now we're going to show you photos of him yesterday. when he arrived herelgwcñ with n airo please know photos are hard to look at. but he's made an mazing recovery and is on the way home, he's going to be just fine. >> we were out feeding the animals and there he was. in the barn with an arrow through him. >> his name is kfc. a 5-year-old tom cat that wasn't looking this good just one day ago stha. when his owner found him with a 22 inch air yes through his chest. on her sprawling ranch property. >> he didn't like that. he co
out of a robber in san francisco killing his family's the security camera shows a man running away after killing a woman's 12-year-old dog named roxy. she says it happened when she parked in the tender loin, he robbed her, then threatened to kill the dog, barking in the car. the man accused of throwing roxy into traffic. the owner spoke to us but didn't want to be identified fearing for her safety. >> he looked at me with a blank look on his face and said i'm going to kill your dog. >> any person who owns an animal, you can tell there is a tight bond. and for not only animal to be laid to rest, fwou see the death of your own animal is traumatic. >> police say roxy had to be put t>ñ, sleep because of the injuries. >> new information about a man accused of murdering a south bay businessman. he was killed in his home, one man accuses was in court, it turned out documents reveal he had quite a sordid criminal past. >> right. javier garcia does have a prior drug conviction but these charges are potentially a death penalty case, he's being held without bail. the 21-year-old is one of th
and only, cheerios >> parking control officers in san francisco are now issuing tickets for vehicles parked at spirit meters on sunday and they were busy out there today, handing out 70 two dollar tickets for $62 for spirit meters everywhere else. the rule went into effect three weeks ago but until today drivers got warnings. >>> construction on california's high speed rail line is supposed into begin in the san joaquin valley in july but the state has yet to buy a single acre of land on the route. officials hope to begin making offers over the next several weeks. the "los angeles times" says a con sew luted process could cause land owners to delay the project. high-speed rail officials say it won't be easy but they can still acquire the property and begin the project on time. >> more 50 hikers had to be rescued in arizona after heavy rain flooded a canyon in bare -- bear canyon near tucson. some hikers were led -- rescuers used a technique that involved roping together hikers and flow addition devices to get them through high water. others were flown out by helicopter. the flash flood took
temperatures saturday, they recovered well. mostly sunny skies and a cool afternoon. 50s in san francisco. you'll see lingering clouds. 51 santa rosa. conk yorksd oakland, fremont, low 50s, antioch, 48 degrees in livermore. around monterey bay, clouds lingering near the coast. 51 in monterey. here is a look at the big game forecast tomorrow night. 49ers take on packers, jacket, sweat shirt is something you'll need and it's going to be cold, but dry. 48 degrees at 5:00 p.m. 58 p.m. talking about temperatures dropping down to mid-40s, accu-weather forecast, cold mornings, saturday, sunday, and monday. temperatures in afternoons staying cool, low 50s upper 40s. then, numbers start to recover, tuesday, through friday large ridge of high pressure builds in. temperatures going rise. not just overnight but daytime as well. up into low 60s around the bay. thursday, and friday. so first we'll freeze, then we'll thaw out. >> yes. >> i do have something to tell but. >> winter in the bay area, as you know is different than it was 10 years ago. abc 7 news weather team and i exploring decades of data to doc
plastic bags from california. abc 7 news at 5:0 >>> san francisco police hope this photograph will help them catch two bank robbers. photo on left shows january 4th got a good, clean shot. the photo on the right shows a second man who stood watch. thin with information is asked to call the san francisco police major crimes unit. you can find those numbers on abc 7 >> oakland police arrested a man for shining a laser at our own sky 7 hd helicopter twice while sky 7 hd was covering the officer involved shooting. mr. there, you can seat laser. you can see the man standing and watching the chopper before police take him into custody. these are very dangerous for safety hazards, shining them at aircraft is a serious crime with fines up to $11,000. >> san mateo is looking into the cover over noisy leaf blowing machines. city council members getting an education before making a decision. live from san mateo central park to explain. >> here is a number i found amazing. a city official i talked with said there are nearly 400 landscaping and guardening businesses in san mateo why there
.m. in san francisco. the driver of the bmw escaped. >> chevron own firefighters may have caused last august's fire in the richmond refinery to get bigger. the board discovered a puncture that appears that pipeline might have been penetrate bid a firefighter tool. the board emphasizes the fire may have happened with out this mishap. thousands claimed smoke from that fire made them sick. >> the scandal over hidden cash in the park budget takes a turn tonight. abc 7 news joins us in sacramento. the reports found the money hidden more than 12 years? >> 70 state parks were scheduled to shut down. just as they're about to happen a surplus of $54 million found hidden in two of the agency's funds. no one reported the extra money. a new stinging report by the million of it partly collected through entrance fees was concealed. >> sounds like a cover up. >> it's -- there was some covering up that was done. >> investigators found the failure to report the surplus became conscious, possibly as early as 19999. top budget officers were aware of the diskrep pensy. numerous individuals failed to take approp
moved out of the apartment. >> the san francisco man accused of setting his Ñ scheduled to appear in court to face charges. the victim's family is getting support from antidomestic violence advocates holding a vigil for star lamar tonight. it's a story on abcoxj" 7 news. >> that is right her daughter is here at st. francis in the burn unit. our mother is numb, and still in shock. >> last thing she said to me was mama, can you help me? hold me. he did this to me. >> anita parker says she's been unable to sleep since sunday, her daughter st lamar was burned almost beyond recognition. this was her smoldering sweater on the ground on third street. police say the 25-year-old mother of three was doused with gasoline, then, set on fire by her boyfriend, after an argument at this laundromat. >> i want to be face-to-face with him to hear what -- i want to say to him why he put me through this. why he put her through this? her kids through this? >> 22-year-old dexter oliver is in custody, facing charges of attempted murder and arson. the family tells us they learned he has a criminal histor
in a town hall meeting on saturday in san francisco. for more information log on and look under see it on tv. >> a beaming governor brown hailed new optimism for california today during his state of the state address. the governor praised legislatures for making tough choices and congratulated voters for passing the tax measure but warned law makers not to get callous. >> it's cruel to expand programs only to cut them back when funding disappears this isn't progress. it's an illusion. stop and go, boom and bust. we're not going back there. >> republicans say the speech hit the right note. >> talked about a rainy day fund and fewer bills, smaller government. talked about tuition freeze and reforms, those are ideas we've put out there. will reality of seven years from now match tret trick of today? >> he call forward a special session on health care so california can get affordable care act started by saturday. >> the national transportation safety board has made some discoveries in the batteries of boeing dream liner that's caught fire. the incident happened january 7th in boston. investigato
temperatures. fire works should be visible to us here in san francisco. along embarng dareo between 11:00 p.m. and 1:00 a.m. mainly clear skies with high clouds, will be chilly but not freezing. temperatures into low to mid-40s. so good viewing conditions for fire works tonight. it will get cold overnight. >> thank you. and as new year's reveling begin ples braigs for a huge crowd, officials expecting a quarter million people to gather by midnight for the fire works show no. plans to close off streets where people will be gathering but police are prepared for traffic barriers just in case. >> commanders will evaluate that situation as the night unfolds. if it becomes necessary we'll make low sures.pó÷az >> and extra officers going to be on patrol tonight, city officials will encourage people to watch fire works, think about taking public transportation. >> that might be a good idea. hundreds of thousands of people will be filling streets along the water to watch fire works. that means some trichs will be more expense yismt happy new year to you. >> thank you. to you, too. prices will run
. >> two new san francisco supervisors were sworn in today. >> congratulations. >> and there they are. london joined four reelected superviseors serving for the next four years. the board named david hsu as president for a third time. >> bay area medical marijuana dispensary billing itself as nation's largest has won another round senate fit to stay open and refused to order harborside health center to stop selling pot. the government tries to prove that sent jer illegal, and must close. the landlords in oakland and san jose say they're at risk as long as pot is sold in their building because the attorney threatened to seize the rental properties fit continues to operate. >> fbi agents spent a day excavating a well. the feds took over the search at request of the sheriff's department. remains of five people have been found in the area. all believed to be victims of two men on a killing spree in 19 80s and 90s. the family of 9-year-old michaela garecht is is waiting to see if dna could solve her missing persons case. she disappeared in 1988. >> a public memorial service will be held fo
in the clouds. sheer where we stanld. santa rosa, 116% of average. san francisco, 109. we sure need moisture here, check out snow pack. we're falling behind a year ago, 33% of average. i'll be back to let you know when it will be safe to put umbrellas away. >> thank you. we'll see you then. >> apple stock value plunged by more than 10% today after the tech giant released it's earnings report. that drop wiped out a year's worth of gains. the sales growth slowed and analysts suggest apple cannot rule out new products. apple's last big splash debutted in 2010. steve jobs died in 2011. the subpoena says it has new innovations on the way. >> a california budget is looking good for a change. state revenues are up because of a jump in income taxes but there may be a backlash that is brewing. we're live with the story. >> republican state lawmakers believed california's higher taxes drive away successful people. now, they can point to pro golfer. >> i love this state. >> the professional golfer said he may move out of california because voter as proved a higher income tax on the wealthy. the he emph
resource. it locates ships in san francisco bay and pacific ocean. sheer look at what's happening during the collision. the little red dot fl after it slammed the bridge, you can see it hit the bridge, keeps going a little bit later on, you can see other ships head together overseas. into here. responding quickly to investigate. we have a link for you at abc 7 we learned about that site in 2007 when the cosco busson slammed into the bay bridge, dumping 53,000 gallons of oil, and contaminated 26 miles of shore line. the pilot served a 10-month sentence after pleading guilt yes to two misdemeanor cota admitted to pilotting with out using radare6á or talking about his plans with the captain and crew. he also admitted to failing to disclose all prescription med beings he was taking when renewing his pilot licenses in 2006, and 2007. >> coming up at 6:00 abc 7 news i team confirm who's sat at helm of today's shipping accident. stay with us flirtest on this story, we're also sending out updates throughout the day on twitter and facebook. so you're connected 24-7. a judge declares ma
also gatos. in milpitas. 62 degrees in redwood city. downtown san francisco, 60 degree days. at least four degrees warmer >> nows of new radio stations are about to pop up. how it could trance form what you hear. at 6:00. we'll be right back here. >>> searchers say they're making progress towards developing a birth control pill for men. a team is working on the first one. research says the formula called jq 1 is different from other pills because it doesn't have harm offul side affects. >> safety, safety. >> this affects my hormone levels, reproductive organs just everything. >> again, this is over one9(ñ year period of time[Ã >> despite the talk this research is still in its early stages and trials are five years away. >> if you feel restricted by what you say on facebook or twitter there is a new networking site awill youing to you post anonymously. it assigns you a number. people connect through a shared interest. there are rule bdz what you can post. ;bÑ. the site found just about everything else is fair game. >> we'll see. well, meet a diving dog that knows how to sniff out su
Search Results 0 to 25 of about 26 (some duplicates have been removed)